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Referral Program

Invite your friends and family to receive free tokens.

You will receive a bonus in BCUBE tokens for each transaction made by a person you are referring. The amount of the bonus depends on the size of the transaction :

- from 1 BCUBE to 25000 BCUBE: 0.5%
- from 25001 BCUBE to 100000 BCUBE: 1%
- from 100001 BCUBE to 250000 BCUBE: 2%
- from 250001 BCUBE to 500000 BCUBE: 3%
- from 500001 BCUBE to 1000000 BCUBE: 4%

The bonus will be sent to your account automatically at the end of the token sale. The strategy is simple: the more links you send to your colleagues, family, and friends - the more tokens you earn!

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